Remarkable Home Remodeling Projects

Excellent Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Planning home remodeling projects is now easy with ProEdge Design. Many clients in and around the Kansas City, MO area have partnered with us for excellent renovation solutions at reasonable rates. Be it kitchen or bathroom renovation, we are here to make any of your dream space come to life. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself the variety of remarkable projects we have accomplished.


Everyone knows what a difference a coat of paint can make. Now imagine swapping out that old tired tile around your fireplace for something modern and exciting! This can change the whole feeling of your room. What about a boring builder grade staircase? Are those old chipped white wooden spindles and honey oak handrails no longer making your heart happy? Imagine you leave for work in the morning and you come home that evening to POW! Charcoal grey tile with a granite heart on your fireplace and Iron spindles with black handrails! OH MY! Often times these simple Refreshes can be done in just a matter of days or even a day and they won't break the bank.

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After being in a space for a while, it's not uncommon to start getting a little critical of it. Maybe it's not exactly what you would have picked or maybe you might have done something a little differently. Well, here is your chance! We'll work with you to build out the kitchen or bath (or whatever project you have in mind) of your dreams and that fits your budget. We'll talk about what makes sense and what can and can't be done. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a conversation with a designer in your home, and hey, conversations are free!

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Do you feel like sometimes your house is not really your home? Maybe it's lacking what your family needs. Maybe you need more space from a finished basement or a more functional home office or maybe you just need more space and you're not sure where it's going to come from. We can help! We'll discuss what your goals are for the space, your budget and how we can help to create your dream space within your home! We focus on making your goals and budget come into alignment with each other and present the best solutions.

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